Covenant Groups are a vital component of our Congregation - offering a path of deep connection (Intimacy) through the diversity each of us brings to Westside; as well as offering a path of Ultimacy - a search for meaning in our lives.  They are designed to reflect on and discuss significant life topics and are great places to get to know other people as well as to get to know yourself.  Over time, participants build deep connections with one another; with the congregation; and with the sacred.  Find out why so many of us are passionate about the value of Covenant Groups in our lives -- the stories, the laughter, the tears, the friendships.

Covenant Groups consist of 8-10 people, sitting together twice a month to explore a topic of discussion such as "Living Simply," "Imagination," or "Poetry." We meet the second and fourth weeks of the month from October through June with groups meeting on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Westside also has a humanist Covenant Group that meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month.   Even though there are only a few meetings left for this year, members, friends and visitors are always welcome to check out a meeting - there is always an empty chair for you!  Just email Patti McCall at the link below.

Finally, we have had a wonderful year together and have made many new friends that we look forward to meeting up with at Sunday services and again next year in October.  But to finish this year off right, we are planning a All Covenant Group Potluck on Thursday, June 29th beginning at 6:30 pm.  I hope you can join us!

For more information about Covenant Groups, meeting times, visiting a group, or the Potluck, please email Patti McCall.