Covenant Groups are finished for the 2016-2017 Church Year (except for the Special Summer Sessions).  Covenant Groups will begin again the second week of October 2017 and go through June 2018.   Sign-up for next year's Groups will begin in August.  Look for the eNews Notices and the Sign-up table in the Social Hall after Sunday Service.


Four Sessions - July & August
Now, Both Morning & Evening Sessions! 

"A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times"

Many Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith feel challenged by this moment in our nation's history. The actions of political leaders are raising large moral questions and many of us feel compelled to explore what our faith commitments and values require of us. Information is coming from every direction.  We have learned that it is crucial to stay informed, yet not all sources are reliable.  Others ask us to contact legislators, attend meetings, join in protests, engage in political conversations with friends and acquaintances, and take public action, sometimes for the first time ever. Many are turning to our congregations and faith communities for help to clarify how our values call us to respond and strengthen us to act.   
The UUA Small Group Ministry Network, specifically Rev. Marta Valentin, created four small group sessions to help nurture, support and strengthen UUs to respond to this moment and its significant challenges.  The sessions will be facilitated using the standard Covenant Group format.  Sessions include "Call to Vision," "Call to Love," "Call to Imagination," and "Call to Relationship in Action" and offers a different lens for groups to examine together the call of our faith and our moral and ethical commitments at this extraordinary moment.
Dates & Times:  Tuesday Evenings, 7 - 9 pm, on July 11th, July 25th, August 8th and August 22nd
                                 Wednesday Mornings, 10 am to noon, on July 12th, July 26th, August 9th and August 23rd
All are welcome: members, friends and visitors. However, the groups will be limited to 12 participants so, decide which time works for you, and please RSVP to Patti at


What Are Covenant Groups?

Covenant Groups are a vital component of our Congregation - offering a path of deep connection (Intimacy) through the diversity each of us brings to Westside; as well as offering a path of Ultimacy - a search for meaning in our lives.  They are designed to reflect on and discuss significant life topics and are great places to get to know other people as well as to get to know yourself.  Over time, participants build deep connections with one another; with the congregation; and with the sacred.  Find out why so many of us are passionate about the value of Covenant Groups in our lives -- the stories, the laughter, the tears, the friendships.

Covenant Groups consist of 8-10 people, sitting together twice a month to explore a topic of discussion such as "Living Simply," "Imagination," or "Poetry." We meet the second and fourth weeks of the month from October through June with groups meeting on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Westside also has a humanist Covenant Group that meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month.   Even though there are only a few meetings left for this year, members, friends and visitors are always welcome to check out a meeting - there is always an empty chair for you!  Just email Patti McCall at the link below.

For more information about Covenant Groups, meeting times, visiting a group, or the Potluck, please email Patti McCall.