Minister Search Team Update – March 28, 2018

We are once again on the path to call our settled Minister. Our Interim Minister, Rev. Alex Holt, will be here until July 2019 and during that time our new Ministerial Search Team (MST) will be surveying the congregation, holding workshops, and interviewing candidates, hoping to find the right Minister for Westside.

This new search began in early January 2018 when the Discernment Team was put into place. Facilitated by John Britt, the Discernment Team comprised Betsy Lowry, Laura White, Tracy Burrows, Simon Knaphus, Marco Deppe, Thomas Terrence, and Rose Sheppard. The team spent many thoughtful hours going through the completed questionnaires of the congregational members who were nominated to be on the MST. On March 28, 2018 the Discernment Team announced the members of the new Ministerial Search Team: Jill Jackson, Liz Bucklew, Alan Mendel, Neve Bianco, Roseanne Lorenzana, Vanessa Shaughnessy, and Eileen Duffy. This team beautifully reflects the diversity and interests of our congregation and I am so grateful for their service.

Rev. Nancy Bowen, our Regional Transitions Coach, will be visiting WSUU from her home in Albuquerque during the first weekend in May, when she will hold a retreat for the new MST, as well as be in the pulpit on Sunday, May 6th. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the video she prepared detailing the search process (see below), I would highly recommend that you do so.

During this summer, the new MST will be organizing and preparing for the hard work ahead for both them and the congregation. It is imperative that all members of our congregation take part in the workshops and surveys that will be held this fall determining the strengths, values, and characteristics we are looking for in our new minister. Please read your Westside Week every week and check back to this page to learn about your role in this process.

In loving community,
Patti McCall, Board President