Minister Search Team Update – May 20, 2017

The Minister Search Team invited Rev. Carlos R. Martinez to candidate at Westside UU Congregation. After a full week of opportunities for the candidate and Westside to get to know each other, the Search Team and the Board of Trustees decided that a congregational vote would not result in a Call and ended the candidating week one day early.  Since then, Rev. Martinez has accepted an interim position with the Community Church in Manhattan, New York City. The Board of Trustees here at Westside UU have voted to contract with Rev. Alex Holt to continue for another two years (one year contract, renewable).

The ability to find a match between Congregation and Minister depends on the pool of searching ministers and congregations.  It is more important to find a good match than any match.  This year we did not find a good match.  We will continue to move forward as a congregation, stronger than ever, having come through this challenging experience in excellent shape.

The Minister Search Team will share its observations and suggestions for the next Search with the Board and UUA-Transitions Office.

The Minister Search Team held its final meeting on May 20, 2017.  The next Board of Trustees will begin a new search process the winter/spring of 2018.

It was an honor to serve the congregation.


2016-2017 Minister Search Team:

Lorelei Amato, Arline Borella, John Britt, Michael Germain-Mothershed, Cecelia Hayes, Lisa Reitzes, Paula vanHaagen


A Special Thank You to the Ministerial Agreement Negotiating Team: 

Ruth Herman, Sue Holly, Lisa Reitzes

Ministerial Search Team



In 2015 our beloved minister of 13 years, Rev. Peg Morgan, retired from the ministry. A seven member ministerial search team, elected by the congregation, has begun the process of searching for a new permanent minister. The ministerial search team is following a structured search process and timeline designed by the Unitarian Universalist Association. It was designed to support congregations to identify their priorities for the future, and to find a minister who is a good match for those priorities. Upon identification of a minister by the team, a vote of the congregation is required to call them to serve Westside. We anticipate having a new permanent minister by the fall of 2017.