“Sharing the Islamic Sufi Faith” Chalice Chapel and Follow up Conversation, Sunday Feb. 12

Children ages 5-14, will go from service after the story for all ages, into Chalice Chapel, our Sunday Children’s Worship Service held instead of RE classes that day.  Only the Nursery and Story Time classes will be offered.  Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas will lead this Chalice Chapel.  She has studied and practiced Islamic Sufism under Imam Jamal Rahman from Bangladesh for over 12 years.  She has been ordained as a Cherag (Universal Worship leader) with Sufi Order International.  Sally Jo has been a public-school teacher for over 30 years. She actively promotes interfaith understanding and social justice issues at Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Ballard, where she is an associate minister.  This is a special opportunity for our children to learn more about Islam.

After Chalice Chapel and our adult service, Ms. de Vargas will join all of us for conversation in the Social Hall, sharing her Islamic Sufi Faith, her interfaith understanding and her concerns for social justice issues.  Please mark your calendars and take advantage of this opportunity to speak with this skilled, experienced teacher of the Islamic Sufi faith.                                                         

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