A Thank You Letter from Our Partner Church in Transylvania

A thank you letter and annual report  from our Unitarian friends in Torockoszentgyorgy was sent to us by  Rev. Emese Finta.   The Christmas card and calendars did not arrive until mid January – we will all need to get started earlier on our cards next year.  The ‘tea parties  mentioned are village winter  social gatherings for the entire village, although organized by the Unitarian women’s group.  (95% of the village are Unitarians.)  ‘Isten áldjon” means God Bless You, a traditional closing.  “Magdika Bodor” (is an English speaking villager and former star interpreter for our pilgrimages) who is working with Rev. Emese on English conversation classes.  Isten áldjon Ginger Brewer, TSGMT member

Dear Ginger and Paul,

First of all we would like to report that in our congregation we closed a successful year. The whole community stood by each other for better and worse and we helped each other out for a common goal. Everyone helped with whatever they had available. We poured the concrete base of the new wing to the cantor house*. We renovated the church tower and the tower clock and we automated the bells.  Thank you Paul for sharing the pictures posted on Facebook.

We also thank for your contribution for the basement works which are in progress.

We hope that this helpful attitude will remain in the community for the following year too.

In the middle of January we received your postcards and calendars. At the first Tea party I gave some away and I will give the remaining at the second Tea party and when I will go to families. We were happy that you sent photos and wrote about yourselves. We will try to do the same in our future sending.

We are preparing with the Women Committee for the second Tea party and for the Prayer week.

Hope you had finished a good year too. Have a blessed and happy new year!

Best wishes,

Isten áldjon!

Rev. Emese and Magdika Bodor


*You can read about this at – http://www.unitariankalaka.org/category/stories/

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