The Candidacy of Rev. Carlos Martinez Has Ended

Candidating Week is a week of mutual discernment. It is an exciting and stressful process as a congregation and a ministerial candidate think deeply and reach clarity about whether the match and the opportunity are right for both. The Search Team put a lot of emphasis on the congregation’s role in assessing whether WSUU and Rev. Carlos were a good match for each other.

It’s clear that Rev. Carlos is a gifted minister. We heard lots of positive comments.  At the same time, we heard a growing number of concerns and reservations. As the week unfolded, we also became increasingly aware of Rev. Carlos’s own ambivalence about the move to Seattle.

The Board’s first priority is the health and viability of our congregation – as a community and an organization.

We had multiple conversations with UUA-Transitions Office for advice throughout week.  We believe it would have been a great disservice to Westside and Rev. Carlos had he continued his candidacy and allowed a vote to proceed, given the circumstances at hand. However, we are deeply saddened and disappointed that we now find that we are without a settled minister.

On Sunday April 30, we will have a special service to acknowledge our grief and reaffirm our community. Following the service there will be an open conversation where the representatives of the Board and Search Team will answer questions and begin discussion of next steps. We ask that you please understand that the ministerial search process was and is confidential.  In accord with UUA guidelines, the Ministerial Search Team is not at liberty to discuss confidential details. Beyond that, the Search Team and the Board will be as transparent as possible.

Rev. Alex will be available every day by appointment to assist members as they process this news. Chaplain Mark Newton and the Pastoral Associates – John Britt, Marie Hoover, and Fred Matthews – also are available to assist. In the coming weeks we will hold small group listening sessions where people can share and discuss their feelings and thoughts about the outcome of our ministerial candidating week.

Westside is a resilient and loving community. Please seek and offer support within the congregation as we all process the emotions we will inevitably experience. With love and healing kindness, we will move forward as a community of grace.

WSUU Board of Trustees and Minister Search Team

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