Minister’s Musings Among the Mountains – Week of October 9

“Teach-in – Wasn’t that a ‘60’s thing?”

Yes, it was and still is a powerful way to learn and discern in community.

It will be led by Eastshore UU DRE Aisha Hauser who is one of the many powerful voices in the emerging Unitarian Universalism of the 21st century.

Granted, “Teach-in” reminds me of the ‘60’s – where admittedly guilt-tripping was raised to a fine art. What I recall of teach-ins was a lot of yelling, shouting, blaming whoever the other side was, and usually a new committee or two. I am sure many of them were valuable. I didn’t like them because of the emotional turmoil.

Sunday is different. The UU movement (that’s us) is creating a new path to uprooting nearly 400 years of oppression in America.

White supremacy is part of the problem and our willingness to be curious and not judgmental is part of the solution. I hope you’ll join me at that service to be in a sanctuary of kindness and deep listening on Sunday. It will be one of many important turning points in this faith as we move forward together.

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