Minister’s Musing Among the Mountains – Week of Nov. 27

“What’s up with holiday services this year?”

Several Westsiders in recent days have asked me about various holiday services this year. The holidays can become crammed with shopping, traveling, and many demands on short notice. Attending special holiday services can become a burden so I thought I’d mention what will be done this year.

Shannon in the office will also be putting out information about the schedule of services.

Westside has a tradition of a Blue Holidays gathering before Christmas Eve for those who find themselves quietly dreading the holidays for various reasons. Major difficult feelings about holidays include the loss of loved ones, a desire to not be swept up in holiday events or shopping, and many other reasons.

Blue Holidays Service will be at 7 pm on Thursday, December 21 in the sanctuary.

Christmas Eve this year is on a Sunday. The question came up about whether to have a regular Sunday morning service plus the family and candlelight services later in the day. A number of my colleagues said they were having the family service in place of the regular Sunday morning service. The candlelight adult service would be at its regular time in the evening. I spoke with our DRE Cynthia Westby and other staff to see about moving the family service to 10:30. It seemed popular and it also saves staff and volunteers from doing a regular service in the morning and then two Christmas Eve services in the evening.

Christmas Eve Family Service will be at 10:30 am in the sanctuary. I’ve seen the preliminary order of service and it promises to be fun and exciting for all ages.

The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service will be at 9 pm in the sanctuary. It will be in the standard Candlelight service format.

Atonement service is a service I have done in many congregations. It involves writing down those things we regret or want to release at the end of the year. We will use flash paper and then burn those regrets or harmful actions we’ve done in a candle flame. We will then make new years resolutions and take pebbles home to remind us of our resolution.

The annual Atonement service will be on Sunday, New Years Eve at 10:30. Please note this is an informal service with no order of service, RE, offering, or singing.

Please contact me or Shannon in the office if you have questions about these services.

Hope to see you at one or more of the services.

Blessings and the hope of much patience and serenity as the holidays draw neigh.


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