Your Nomination for the Ministerial Search Team (MST)

The Nominating Process for our Ministerial Search Team has begun.  John Britt, the Discernment Team and their helpers have identified three ways you can nominate someone you think would represent the congregation well on this vital team.
1.  Fill out a “ballot” at John’s table after Sunday service
2.  Send in your nomination to
3.  Wait for someone to call you.

Nominations are due by February 4, 2018.  

The following members cannot serve on the MST so don’t ‘waste’ your nomination by sending in their name:

Shannon Day (staff)

Last year’s MST…

John Britt

Paula Van Haagen

Cecelia Hayes

Lisa Reitzes

Arline Borella

Michael Germain Mothershed

Lorelei Amato

This year’s Discernment Team…

John Britt (Facilitator)

Marco Deppe

Simon Knaphus

Betsy Lowry

Tracy Burrows

Thomas Terence

Rose Sheppard

Laura White

Our hope is that the entire congregation will participate in this selection.  Also, be sure to attend the Mid-Year Congregational Meeting this Sunday, January 28th at 12:15 in the Sanctuary.  There will be a video from Rev. Nancy Bowen who is our Regional Transitions Coach for this search.

Thank you.

Patti McCall, Board President

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