Lift Update 9.13.19

Though there isn’t a lot to report, the Lift Committee felt it was time to update our community on what has been happening.
First, the Lift Committee, despite the lack of noticeable progress, has not been sitting on its laurels.  Judi Finney, in particular, has been hard at work staying on top of the company providing the lift.  We are waiting on the replacement doors to change out the doors which swing the wrong way.  We have been given several times when the doors were supposed to ship and then supposed to arrive.  When those dates passed, Judi reached out to the owner of the lift company!  He is, in turn, reaching out to the lift manufacturer.  And, again we’re waiting to hear back.  When the doors do arrive, our amazing contractors, 3BLC, are ready to get to work.
Next, the contractor spent several hours trying to install the automatic door opener on the glass door between the parking lot and the social hall.  Apparently, over the years. that door has been repaired and adjusted.  The final obstacle making installation of the door opener impossible is the piano hinge installed on the door.  After a restock fee, the elevator fund will be credited with some of the expected cost of the opener.  We’d like to eventually have an automatic door, but it will mean replacing the entire door.  Not a cheap option.
The final bit of news is that the committee and Shannon have been working on a ‘punch list’ which will need to be completed before our final inspection of the lift.  It includes making sure we have a 24/7 monitor for the phone in the lift – just in case.  When the doors are installed and the punch list is completed, we’ll have the inspector come out.  With their approval, we’ll finally have a operational lift!  Yes, a celebration will be in order.
In loving community,
Patti, Judi and Mark

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