Common Quest -Spring Quarter Changes, and What Knowledge or Talents Can YOU Share?

The Common Quest Committee is busily shifting our offerings to online for Spring Quarter (which runs from April through early June). If you are among those who have already submitted a proposal, we will contact you soon to finalize the details of your offering. So far, we have presenters lined up to teach us about Melungeons, Stoping (yes, just one p!), and possibly Mindfulness Meditation. More details on these will be published in the eNews in the near future. (Sorry folks, no quarterly schedule.)

We would love to have even more offerings to keep our community’s minds growing and positively occupied during this worrisome time, so we are extending our proposal deadline to April 5. Later submissions may also be considered as time allows. If you have knowledge, skills, or fun learning activities to share that could be conducted online, please either submit a proposal or contact us at We are thinking more broadly than usual, so here are some ideas: Lead a discussion on a topic of interest to you and other UUs, teach people how to do art, a craft, or a hobby with supplies on hand, host a movie discussion (after people watch it in their own homes). We are not expecting perfection from our presenters—just plan through what you want to do, and have fun doing it!

You may submit proposals here. (You can ignore questions about which room you want, building access, and A/V needs, since everything will be online.) For scheduling purposes, please do:

(1) Check the church calendar at to avoid conflicts.

(2) Avoid Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday evenings, where the church is often maxing out on the number of Zoom meetings that can be hosted.

(3) Consider times that are often wide open such as Saturdays (day or evening) or Sunday evenings. Weekday offerings may also be possible.

Questions? Or would like to learn something not often offered? Please email us at

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