Addressing Access Issues for General Assembly Delegates

After one particularly harmful General Assembly experience for many people of color and those with access struggles, collective voices requested and demanded accountability from our Unitarian Universalist Association.  A Special Review Commission was convened.  In presenting their final report (, this gathering of beloveds shared this spiritual reflection and faithful commitment upon which they agreed:


This is not about nametags

This is about people
This is about relationships

This is about power

This is about how we treat each other
This is about communication
This is about the assumptions we make about each other

This is about human limitations and fragility

This is about how we handle conflict
This is about the myths of our accomplishments and denial of our failures

This is about entitlement across a broad spectrum and at all levels
This is about theological understanding of covenant
This is about sin, confession, penance and absolution
This is about owning our history and learning from that history
This is about creating and sustaining a religious covenanted community

This is about hope, and love, and pain, and tears, and love, and hope again

This is about never forgetting and letting go
This is about humility
This is about the future
This is about all of us.


Our process for how we choose and support delegates as congregations and how we do equitable work together as an association of congregations will continue to require faithful discernment.

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