Rev. Christopher’s Schedule

With the birth of baby Benjamin in July, Rev. Christopher has 12 weeks of family leave to use. Instead of taking this all at once he will be taking it gradually over the next several months. This will include periods of half-time work and some weeks of full leave. We are grateful that he is able to spread this leave out over time as our shared ministry begins to take root. He has put great thought into how to balance and prioritize his time during this transition. The board will be working closely with him to cover the needs of the congregation while caring for the health of his growing family. To aid us all in a clear understanding of his availability, his schedule between now and the end of his family leave in mid-January is shared below.

August 31st – Half-time

September 7 – Full-time

September 14 – Half-time

September 21 – Full-time

September 28 – Off

October 5 – Half-time

October 12 – Half-time

October 19 – Half-time

October 26 – Half-time

November 2 – Full-time

November 9 – Off

November 16 – Half-time

November 23 – Half-time

November 30 – Half-time

December 7 – Half-time

December 14 – Full-time

December 21 – Full-time

Dec. 26 and until January 18th, 2021 – Off”

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