Right Relations Survey Results!

From the Right Relations Phase One Team —

Thank you to the 60 people who responded to our Right Relations survey — woohoo! The input we received is very helpful. The majority of voters chose congregational training as a foundation for working with our covenant. We also received seven alternative responses, and many thoughtful comments. We learned some important things from your input, especially regarding our covenant. Here are some of the informative comments, and look for more Westside Week articles with Right Relations updates!

Congregational Training —

  • Maybe the first priority should be more general education about what this is all about and why it seems assumed that we need a new covenant.
  • I think this needs to be a multi-year process, [supporting] the congregation in learning a lot more about how equity looks in action.

Covenant Formation —

  • I’m not totally clear what this is (Is it like a mission statement, but with teeth?)
  • Who decided the current covenant is inadequate? What is broken that needs fixing? I think that ought to be a part of the education, whomever carries it out.

Neutral —

  • I don’t fully understand the goal of this group in order to provide input as to how you achieve your goal.
  • Why can’t forming a team be one of the ways training and education occur to create a new covenant?

Other — 

  • My top priority is maintenance of the UU spiritual and supportive community. 
  • Ascertain the need for a new WSUU Covenant and Revive or Reform whatever comes of the decision.

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