Westside Conversations for Connection to continue in October

This October, WSUU will be offering Conversations for Connection, a series of three 90-minute virtual conversations that offer Westside congregants the opportunity to feel heard and to renew and/or form connections with others in a small group.  This program gives participants a way to experience intimacy and cultivation of trust in conversation groups during this time when we have limited options to be together in person.

This summer, the pilot round of the Conversations for Connection program took place, involving 22 participants in three groups. The overwhelming feedback from these groups affirmed the importance of the program goals of deep listening and connection and enabled facilitators to improve some elements of the program for future offerings.

The next round of this three-session listening and conversation series is scheduled for October.  All Westside members (who were not in the summer program) are invited to sign up. Depending on interest, we are offering a BIPOC-only group for those members who prefer to share experiences with and receive support from fellow BIPOC members; the group will be facilitated by trained Westside BIPOC members.

Please indicate your interest in the October series at the button below. Two schedule options will be offered: Sundays at 5:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Specific dates for the sessions will be finalized based on sign-ups.

Program Details

  • Each Conversations for Connection group will include the same 6-7 participants and 2 trained facilitators (who are Westside members) for all three sessions. All participants and facilitators agree to be guided by the Conversations for Connection Covenant, which includes a commitment to confidentiality.
  • Each of the three sessions will last 90 minutes and will be held on Zoom. Sessions will be held at two-week intervals.
  • Each session will focus on a particular question and include a mix of sharing/listening (without cross-talk), reflection, clarifying questions, and open conversation. The specific format for each session will be common across all groups and will be shared with participants in advance. 
  • Facilitators will guide participants in following the prescribed meeting formats and adhering to the covenant, but will not participate in sharing and conversations.

Program Content

Here are the questions to be used for the three sessions:

  • Session #1: “What is your experience of Westside as a community right now?” 
  • Session #2: “Given the challenges of the past six years, what would be helpful to you in moving toward greater wholeness in our church community?” 
  • Session #3: “What is your hope for how these conversations will benefit the Westside community as a whole?”

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