General Assembly 2021 Highlights

What is the UUA? The Unitarian Universalist 
Association (UUA) is the big umbrella organization for UUs in the U.S. 
Its membership includes 1,000+ congregations committed to our UU 
principles; however, each congregation is autonomous—its individual 
congregational leaders set their own priorities and choose their own 
ministers and staff. Congregations select delegates who then vote for 
the leaders of the UUA. The UUA supports congregations by training 
ministers, publishing books and the UU World magazine, providing 
religious education curricula, offering shared services, coordinating 
social justice activities, and more.

What is GA? GA is the annual gathering of 
Unitarian Universalists, where we do the business of the UUA, explore 
our faith, and lean into our values and principles.  Anyone may 
attend; however, congregations who wish to vote on various business 
items like bylaws and board elections must certify annually to be 
allotted voting delegates based on congregational size.
GA 2021 Theme: “Circle ‘Round for Justice-Healing-Courage.” This 
year’s GA had more than 4,000 registered attendees participate from 
remote locations around the world. We had conversations and 
socializing on the Whova virtual conference app and did the business 
of GA through a UUA portal webpage.
Public Events of GA: Here are the public events of GA that you can 
view without having registered for GA: They include some excellent 
worship services and all of the business meetings.

Election Results: independent and verified
All uncontested candidates for the board and other 
commissions/committees were elected; names and positions are at Note all these entities 
are elected by GA delegates. The board also has some of its own 
committees, which are not elected by GA delegates.
One contested position: Board Position #8: Rev. Sam Trumbore received 
1,911 votes (87.4%) to Jay Kiskel’s 278 votes (12.6%)
Statement of Conscience re: Undoing Systemic White Supremacy was 
approved as amended: It 
states we UUs will fight all the forms of white supremacy. Vote 92% 
yes, 6% no, 1% abstain.

Action of Immediate Witness: Defend and Advocate with Transgender, 
Nonbinary, and Intersex Communities: Vote 99% yes, 0% no, 1% abstain.
Action of Immediate Witness: Stop Voter Suppression and Partner for 
Voting Rights and a Multiracial Democracy: 99% yes, 1% no, 0% abstain.
Action of Immediate Witness: The COVID-19 Pandemic: Justice. Healing. 
Courage:  73% yes, 26% no, 2% abstain.
UUA Board Meetings Open to All: All UUs are invited to monthly board 
meetings (not recorded) for two-way communication. on the 2nd Monday. 
Please register (no fee) in advance.. More information at
Business of GA: Also included several committee and commission 
reports, budget, and passing of bylaw amendments. More details are in 
our longer notes version with additional 20+ pages, email for link.
Youth and Bridgers Project:
Commission on Institutional Change Blog:
Updates from Care Teams (Systemic Justice, Conflict & Covenant, 
Accessibility & Inclusion & Chaplain teams): including implementing 
recommendations like adaptive & plain language
Board Report: Moving to become more agile and accountable; financial 
report; etc.; launch of Article II Study Commission, exciting work of 
our living faith tradition =
For more information, detailed notes, or to have the delegates 
virtually attend your WSUU group and talk about GA, please email 
Leilani Davenberry at or Kerrie Schurr at

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