Aging to Saging Scheduling Survey

Members of the Aging to Saging group at Westside are invited to complete the form below to help determine the best times for meeting for the remainder of the church year, and also to provide some feedback on how/if folks are interested in participating in in-person gatherings in addition to online ones. The current plan is to offer one in-person meeting and one online one each month on a consistent schedule.

Thank you for sharing your availability and we look forward to sharing the results of the survey with the group soon.

Aging to Saging Availability

Please check all the boxes of times when you would be available to meet, either online or in-person in the Fireside Room with the Aging to Saging group.
Are you interested in attending in-person Aging to Saging sessions?(Required)
For in-person Aging to Saging sessions, would you need a ride in order to participate?


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