Accessing Workshops Offered at GA 2022

Workshops offered at GA and how to access them: Many UUs from across the country and world generously shared their knowledge and experience with other UUs as part of scheduled or on-demand workshops. Some are available online now, and others will become available in mid-September. All relate to our faith and/or church operations in some way. Topics include right relations, stewardship, music, religious exploration, and many more. The three workshops I attended during GA were excellent, and the others probably would be too.

To find a workshop that fits your (or your committee’s) interests:

First, look through pp. 23–48 of the GA Program for workshops offered live during GA. These include Webinar, In-Person, and Multiplatform Workshops. Make a note of the session # and title for any workshop that interests you.

Second, look through pp. 50–62 of the program for On-Demand Programming (workshops recorded prior to GA). The list of titles is on pp. 50–51, followed by descriptions on pp. 51–62. Make a note of the session # and title for any workshop that interests you.

Third, search for the workshop on Vimeo by clicking on the gray square with the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner. Then either copy-and-paste the title from the program or type it in. No need to join or log in to Vimeo.

If you cannot find the title on Vimeo, that means access is currently available only to registered attendees, but should become more broadly available in mid-September. If you feel it would be helpful to see the video before then, please email me with the session # and title of the workshop and request my assistance with setting up a viewing session on Zoom or in person (masked). I have permission to share these workshops with a few people each before mid-September.

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