All Things Worship

It has been a real pleasure for me to experience these past two months of worship life here at Westside. I’ve had so much fun collaborating with Worship Associates, musicians, the RE Team, and now the Environmental Justice Team and a guest speaker (coming up this Sunday)! I believe in worship programs that feature many voices, many subjects, and many modes of engaging, and have seen that this congregation strives to offer that. Just more evidence to me that I have ended up in the right community. And now, the time has come that there’s something I need to tell y’all:

Please share your feedback!!

I love hearing when a service particularly touched a participant, or helped someone think about a subject in a new way, and I value more constructive feedback too. If something in a service didn’t sit right with you, or there’s something you feel is missing from our worship, I want to know! So please know, my inbox is open and I am available for these conversations and more.

I also wanted to take a moment now to share about some things worship-related to look for in the coming church year:

  • The Worship Team (those lay leaders who help craft worship and who you often see in the pulpit on Sunday mornings) is recruiting! If you are curious about the role and want to learn more, please reach out to me by the first week of June.
  • Here at Westside, the Worship Team is going to continue offering worship twice per month throughout next church year. We are exploring other options for community engagement for other Sundays, such as continuing the Community Circles from this spring. As always, it is a process of ongoing discernment about how we want to enjoy our shared life together. We look forward to focusing our energy on bringing you thoughtful and engaging services next year.
  • We are beginning to craft worship topics and themes for the fall and winter, and would love your input. Please fill out this (very brief) survey to share your ideas. Thanks in advance.

Did you know the Old English roots of the word worship? The word comes from worðscip (pronounced worth-shipe), meaning “to give worth/honor to.” As a community with many different beliefs and spiritual backgrounds, it helps to remember that there is much we can still worship together. As we close out this season of worship, I ask you to consider what it is you offer your honor to. What can we give worth to as a community?

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