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The service theme will be “Joy!” and our special guest will be LueRachelle Brim-Atkins, co-founder and principal consultant of Brim-Donahoe & Associates, Seattle.  Ms. Brim-Atkins is also co-president of Seattle-Limbe (Cameroon) Sister Cities Association.

Brim-Donahoe & Associates provides organization consulting and training in Human Resources Management and Organization Development with clients nationwide. Their primary work is in executive coaching, diversity, race and social justice consultation and training, communication improvement, conflict management, management and supervisory skill development and culture change.    As rewarding as change management and equity work can be, Brim-Atkins’ non-profit diplomacy through efforts with the Seattle-Limbe Sister Cities Association is the source of her true Joy these days.

Under Brim-Atkins’ leadership, hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life meet regularly to sew and assemble menstruation kits for delivery to girls in Cameroon who lack feminine-hygiene products and would otherwise miss school during their menses.  A recent Seattle Times article shed light on her amazing work:

This year, Seattle-Limbe Sister Cities Association was accepted for participation in the Seattle Foundation’s Annual Give BIG Campaign on May 9th.  You can find more details here:

Brim-Atkins’ optimism about change and the joy she generates in building connections has helped her make a lasting impact in communities both here and abroad.  Says Brim-Atkins, “I know people say change takes a long time, but I don’t believe that.   I think change takes a decision.   Once we decide that things can be different, our behavior follows. It’s the decision that’s important.”

–Cecelia Hayes