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Guest speaker Dr. Jabali Stewart will help us face and begin to explore the painful reality of white supremacy culture in America. He will do so with music and story. How can we look honestly and openly at our dominant culture assumptions from a place of curiosity and ah-ha insights?

Jabali Stewart has been active in community movements here in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest for several years.  He earned a PhD in Ethnomusicology from UW, and has worked broadly in the area of intercultural communication, and conflict resolution.  He has been affiliated with the Center for Ethical Leadership, and is trained in using the indigenous art of Peacemaking Circles for positive conflict resolution, racial healing, and achieving deeper understanding.  Jabali’s primary mode of communication is music, which he has practiced in one form or another for four decades. From singing in gospel choirs, glee clubs, and punk rock bands, to playing percussion in Afro-Peruvian ensembles and saxophone with the late great John Tchicai; Jabali is ever convinced that music and other art forms are vehicles of change, resistance, and bonding.