Get to Know Us First

YOU are welcome here! You need not be a pledging member to get involved in our spiritual community. Please take your time, enjoy our Sunday services and explore any of our programs of personal interest before you consider taking the next step to formal membership.

We Invite You to Consider Becoming a Member

There are many reasons to consider becoming a member. Members:

  • Vote and have a voice in shaping our present and future community.
  • Insure our ministers and professional staff are paid fair and equitable salaries, support our programs and church by making a personally meaningful annual financial pledge.
  • Are eligible to hold leadership positions such serving on our Board of Trustees.
  • Deepen friendships by volunteering your time and talents as your schedule allows.
  • Celebrate joys and sorrows together in our spiritual community whether a wedding, child blessing or memorial service.
  • Affirm the values and principles we strive to practice.
  • Receive a subscription to UU World Magazine.

We offer several options for newcomers and non-members to become members:


Once to twice yearly, we offer a 2 part series for newcomers and non-members. This option is ideal for those who want to make a personal connection with other new members and leaders in the Westside UU community in a small group setting. During 2020, this option will be offered via Zoom. Our series includes:

  • Getting to Know UU: learn more about Unitarian Universalism and make a personal connection to our congregational community.
  • How WSUU Works & Plays: meet Westside UU leaders and learn more about how our thriving congregation operates, connect to personal interests and receive information on completing your financial pledge.


You can also join by arranging an individual join meeting at a mutually agreed time via Zoom or in person. This option is ideal for those with busy work and family lives. Please allow 1 ½  hours and time to review our online materials to complete your personalized membership orientation and pledge. During this meeting you will learn more about Unitarian Universalism, discuss how our Westside UU community works, our many activities and ways to connect to your personal interests. Congregational information and a pledge form will be emailed to you prior to your meeting.

To Join One of our Membership Series or Arrange an Individual Session: Please contact our Membership Co-Chairs, Laura White & Amy Youngblood:


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