Sunday, December 10, 2023


Ringing of the Bell

Call to Community: “Put Your Roots Down” by Molly Hartwell

Call to Worship

Chalice Lighting & Congregational Affirmation : Kim Frappier

Love is the doctrine of this congregation, the quest for truth is our sacrament and service is our prayer.
To dwell together in peace, to seek knowledge in freedom, to serve humanity in fellowship, thus do we covenant with one another.

Community Connection: Lisa Reitzes, Worship Associate

Welcoming New Members: Laura White

Hymn: #55 “Dark of Winter”

Time for All Ages: “The Shortest Day, Celebrating the Winter Solstice”, written by Wendy Pfeffer Illustrated by Jesse Reisch , shared by Charlie Wilson

Singing the Children Out:

We hold you in our love as you go, as you go. May your heart be at peace as you go.
To worship the spark of your precious life, we hold you in our love as you go.

Offering: Northwest Harvest (Give by Text: 616-404-4171)

Gift of Music: Josefins Dopvals by Roger Tallroth- fiddle and flute with Chris McEwen and Lisa Maynard

Joys and Sorrows

Time of Meditation & Pastoral Prayer

Sung Response: “There Is a Love”

Personal Reflection: Lisa Reitzes

Anthem: “Oh Holy Dankness, Loving Womb ” by Jann Aldreadge-Clanton Rainier Reunion and Gracie Bucklew, Guitar

Sermon: “A Seed Underground” – Rev. Carter Smith

Sending Hymn: #226 “People Look East”

Gratitude & Announcements

Closing Words and Releasing the Flame

Longtime Sun


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