Amy Hance-Brancati

To me, this is simple. The 8th principle affirms the belief that we have work to do in ourselves, in our congregations and churches, and beyond, to dismantle systemic racism, to learn to be anti-racists, and to keep this vital work going. As we learn and continue to be accountable to ourselves and each other, we will grow, expand our circle, and change for the good. I support the 8th principle because it affirms that it is time to do more and be more, to put love into action. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement from the First UU Church of Nashville’s Q and A ( about why we should adopt the 8th principle:

“The most compelling reason is that members of color have asked the association to adopt the principle to commit us to take action in dismantling racism and other oppressions. Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) and Diverse Revolutionary UU Ministries (DRUUM) have urged the UUA to adopt the 8th Principle. Adopting the 8th Principle makes it clear that all UUs strongly support the long-term work of ending white supremacy.”

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