Lisa Maynard

I’m late to be posting my reflection, and I greatly appreciate reading the perspectives of those who shared their thoughts and feelings in this space. I value all the heartfelt reflections.

What I keep coming back to is that UU members of color have asked for this principle to be added so that we may continue to try to form a beloved community where all are truly included and valued. Just as women have fought to be included in formerly male-only spaces (e.g., workplaces, governance, sports) over the decades, people of color are fighting to be included as full and honored members of our UU community now.

As a woman, if I were trying to enter a space that was dominated by men, I (and other women) would have the best perspective on what needed to happen to make the space feel welcoming to me.  If I said what I needed to feel welcome, and a man told me that I was wrong, or didn’t understand or respect the history, or needed to rework my language, I would be furious and dismayed. I would feel unwelcome and disrespected. The formerly excluded person is the one who understands what will feel welcoming and inclusive; the person in the position of power can have no understanding of that because it isn’t their lived experience.

I honor the intention and language of the proposed 8th principle because I trust that the authors (and institutional supporters like BLUU and DRUUM) know what is needed to feel welcome and to see our aspirations in action. Accountably.

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