Liz Bucklew

I’m in favor of the 8th principle and I’m ready to vote now. I worry that we will spend more time and energy discussing race amongst ourselves than we will in going after white supremacy. And it often seems like when we do go after each other, it’s with more personal ferocity than we reserve for the systems that are killing people of color.

You need power to harm people and I recognize that my white privilege affords me power. Am I enabling harm? How can I change my behaviors or expectations to reduce that harm and future harm? This is my Beloved Community and the place where I go to learn and grow and love. I support what our BIPOC UUs are asking of us. The 8th principle feels like a path to reduce harm to ourselves and others.

None of us can get through life alone, even if capitalism and white supremacy tries to convince us otherwise. We need each other and so we need to find a way to support each other, be accountable to each other, and hold each other accountable, while we are in community with each other. We are all we got.

Draw the circle wide. Draw it wider still.

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