Marco Deppe

Much has been said and written on this already, therefore, I will just briefly list my reasons for supporting the adoption of the 8th Principle at WSUU:
1. Unitarian Universalist communities of color asked us to do this. If that means speaking explicitly about racism and accountability in our principles, I’m on board with that.
2. The principles are what we make of them. Only if we work toward them and implement further steps in our congregation will anything actually be implemented. I hope we will act further to be the truly welcoming, diverse community we strive to be. Explicitly declaring our anti-racist goals will help.
3. We don’t need to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Getting everybody happy with the words will never happen: it’s okay to adopt this, because it is good progress in the right direction. There is no reason to not refine the principles in future years.
4. I just have not found any good reasons for myself to not support this, even after reading a lot of the arguments against the adoption of the 8th principle. Working for racial justice is uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as experiencing racial injustice.

Thank you for reading.

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