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Four Sessions - July & August
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"A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times"


Annual Poetry Service: Thresholds

July 9, 10:30 a.m.:   Annual Poetry Service: Thresholds  This service will feature several members of the congregation reading poems of their choosing (written by them or another author), related to the overall theme of "Thresholds". 

The past year has been a time of enormous change in all parts of many peoples' lives -- from the global and national, to our city and neighborhoods, to our congregation, to the life stages we are experiencing in our families and friendships and ourselves.  Sometimes change is described in terms of the opening and closing of doors.  But with each portal there is a threshold - a place where we might pause to look before venturing on, the line that demarcates what has been from what will be, or the mystical zone where we inhabit two worlds simultaneously.

If you are interested in reading a short poem related to the theme of "Thresholds", and also briefly speaking about why that poem is meaningful to you, please contact Lisa Reitzes at lisa.reitzes@seattlechildrens.org  no later than June 28.   Selections will be chosen to fit the structure and timeframe of the service.

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