Welcome to the Winter/Spring 2023 Covenant Group Program

Covenant Groups are small groups which meet twice a month via Zoom. They are designed to build trust and friendship by sharing with and listening to each other engage with  a designated topic.

Westside Covenant Groups...

  •  Are made up of 6-10 members including a trained facilitator with a variety of times offered during the week.
  • Meet for 90 minutes on the second and fourth week of the month, from October through June.  Sign ups will take place Sept 23-Oct 2, using the registration form in the Westside Week.
  • Are open to new group members or those wishing to change groups ; enrollment will take place from January 6
    through January 20, using the registration form in the Westside Week.
  • Abide by a Covenant established during the first meeting.  These are the promises we make - the ground rules for our meetings - to create a respectful and safe environment for our sharing and learning.
  • Always leave an open chair to welcome a new participant.

What is discussed in a Covenant Group?

Topics are wide ranging and thought-provoking in sessions designed or adapted by the facilitators.

Examples from the Fall 2023 program include Authenticity and Authentic Experience, Kitchen Table, Discernment


The Meeting Format… 

  • Chalice lighting and opening words
  • Check in
  • Readings for contemplation (usually a paragraph or two)
  • Questions to prompt responses and discussion
  • Sharing - each participant has space and time to voice their thoughts on the topic/s questions while the other members quietly listen
  • Likes, Wishes and Take-aways
  • Closing words and extinguishing the chalice

What is my commitment?

  • Commit to attend meetings, twice a month from February through June.
  • Abide by the Covenant set by the group.
  • Participate in a service project (as decided by the group) for our larger community

Questions? Email covenantgroups@wsuu.org

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