BIPOC UU Coffee Hour – Black, Indigenous, and People of Color UUs are invited to online coffee-hour at 12:30 on the first Sunday of every month.

BIPOC UU Coffee Hour has been meeting monthly since 2021. We’re meeting at a new time 12:30 pm Pacific Time to better allow folks to attend in-person services at their home congregations then pop on to zoom and join us for BIPOC UU Connect Coffee Hour. All Black, Indigenous, and People of Color UUs are invited to our after-service BIPOC UU Connect Coffee Hour on the first Sunday of every month. In BIPOC UU only space, we learn and share about resources and events and build connections.  

We share announcements about DRUUMM worship services, workshops, DRUUMM Village at GA and about other BIPOC UU events. Our group size has varied but mostly stayed on the smaller size. Our BIPOC UU Coffee Hour serves BIPOC UUs all over the country. This is a space where folks can share about the hard things in their lives or at their home congregations and the world. It is also a place where we share fun things too like book recommendations and recipes. The feedback from attendees is how much it means to them, how it helps them, what a balm or encouragement it is for them, and how it sustains them.  It is a joy to create a space where BIPOC UUs can drop in, be authentic as they are able and wish, give and receive support, share resources and make connections. For more information and the zoom link email

BIPOC only Meditation Hour every other Mondays at 5 pm Pacific Time. Breathe and center in BIPOC only space as we ground and share and tend our hearts and feelings. A variety of BIPOC audio guided meditations, visualizations, and affirmation recordings will be offered and after each we will be engaging in small group sharing. For more information and the zoom link email

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) creates spiritual community for Black UUs and other Black people committed to collective liberation.

Diverse Revolutionary UU BIPOC Multicultural Ministry (DRUUMM) offers BIPOC UUs worship services, chaplains, virtual meetings, events, workshops and community support

API (Asian Pacific Island) DRUUMM Facebook Group offers monthly Zoom meetings

The Mountain Top UU a virtual BIPOC UU community meets on Sundays at 530 pm Pacific Time with multiple services and community gatherings 

UU of Color Story Project This website is dedicated to lift up stories of Unitarian Universalists of Color.

Book Recommendations

Widening the Circle or

“UUs of Color” book edited by Yuri Yamamoto and 2 other editors.

“The Rough Side of the Mountain”

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