"I see our Unitarian Universalist church as an institution that promotes tolerance and social justice, hope and reason, service and caring connection in a world where such commodities of the spirit are fragile and all too scarce."     Rev. Patrick O'Neill

We Are...

  • People who love exploring deeper meaning in our lives and discussing the “big questions.”
  • People who genuinely celebrate our differences in race, culture, sexual identity, religious/philosophical point of view.
  • People who make our community and our world better places by participating in social action.
  • LGBTQ singles and couples who are respected, welcomed, and valued as individuals in our congregation.
  • Parents active in the congregation and the religious exploration of our children and youth.
  • Children and youth who have fun learning and growing together in a safe and nurturing community.
  • Teenagers who find guidance in our Coming of Age program, developing personal ethics and leadership skills.
  • Elders who play an important role in all aspects of congregational life and are valued for our wisdom and skills.
  • People of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy making music, learning, celebrating, and playing together.

Our vision:

We create an inclusive, diverse Unitarian Universalist community nurturing spiritual growth and working for justice.

Our mission:

We support one another, expand our minds, and build a more just world.

Our Commitment to One Another:

In order to guide our services, actions, and learning by the Seven Principles, we at Westside commit to the following:

  • Know one another and build friendships.
  • Provide meaningful and inspiring services reflecting our diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
  • Offer rich religious exploration for all ages.
  • Nourish the spiritual growth of youth by teaching our principles, inspiring a search for spiritual meaning, and encouraging their participation in our congregation.
  • Celebrate music as a vital part of our services and our community.
  • Work against all injustice and oppression.
  • Serve, educate, advocate, and be a witness for economic, environmental, and social justice.
  • Give generously of our time, resources, and talents.
  • Embrace diversity and create a welcoming and inclusive community.
  • Enable full participation in the life of the congregation by eliminating physical and social barriers.
  • Be an active force for good in our wider community.

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