“When you tell your story, you no longer have to carry your burden alone.”

                                                                                                 ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Lay Pastoral Associates (LPA’s) at Westside UU Congregation provide the church community with a confidential and compassionate listening presence as they encounter challenges such as illness, a major medical event, grief or loss, personal relationship or work-related transitions, care-giving obligations or other life issues that leave them feeling alone, overwhelmed or needing assistance with discernment.

The role of Lay Pastoral Associates at Westside has evolved as our church community has grown and takes on new significance with the retirement of our long-time chaplain Rev. Mark Newton.

LPA’s are chosen by the minister, given special training and work closely with the minister to ensure continuity of pastoral care. To connect with a Lay Pastoral Associate, send an email to pastoralteam@wsuu.org or contact the minister at minister@wsuu.org or to the church office at office@wsuu.org. You can also make contact with a LPA who wears a lavender WSUU name tag that says “Lay Pastoral Associate” at the top during social hour or at other church events.

Westside UU Lay Pastoral Associates’ Covenant

We, the Lay Pastoral Associates of Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, covenant to offer compassionate, caring and confidential support to our members and friends by listening, accepting, and being fully present.

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