“When you tell your story, you no longer have to carry your burden alone.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The care of the Westside community is at the heart of the congregation’s mission. We are invested in the spiritual health and development of every member of this community, and know that this is one of the most important ways in which we build community.

Our congregational community provides care for each other through our Pastoral Care program, which supplements the natural network of family and friendship at Westside. The roles in providing pastoral care are shared between the minister, whose role includes pastoral counseling and spiritual presence, and the members of the congregation who create the beloved community of support through their caring actions.

Pastoral counseling and visits by a minister are available upon request. Specially trained Lay Pastoral Care Associates, under the guidance of the minister, extend our ability to provide a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges.

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