Environmental Justice at Westside

The Westside Environmental Justice Group raises awareness about climate justice, and we take action in numerous ways.

  • We schedule speakers; provide information through newsletters and tabling and encourage participation in community events such as the October 2016 Faith and Climate Action Conference.
  • We take action by testifying at environmental impact statement hearings, by marching and participating in rallies, and by contacting our elected officials about environmental legislation.
  •  We provide educational programming about climate change through adult and student activities and events such as the Plant for the Planet Academy.
  • We work with other UU congregations and environmental organizations to plan and coordinate important educational events such as the November 2016 Anacortes Rail Spur Informational Forum.

As Unitarian Universalists, we take action because we are called to do so and because we care about the interconnected web of life; we care about the planet and we care about people.

For more information please contact the environmental justice group.  Check out our Westside Environmental Justice Facebook Page

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