Please Note: This is a partial list not including individual therapists and counselors. Please check in with Mark or Alex for additional information.

  1. Pastoral Associates Team at Westside UU pastoralteam@wsuu.org or contact Rev. Mark Newman mnton@aol.com or Rev. Alex Holt revalexholt@gmail.com


  1. The Healing Center in Seattle http://www.healingcenterseattle.org/


  1. Sharon Grabner, MSW, at Wellspring –a HIGHLY respected counseling network in Seattle.   Sharon has a history of working with churches and specializes in grief and loss for teens and young adults as well as others.   Sharon’s number  826.3050.


  1. Providence Hospice of Seattle has a really good Bereavement program. They work with the wider community (not just with people on their hospice) and also have counselors experienced working with children and youth. Their number is 206-320-4000.


  1. Swedish Edmonds Bereavement Program (one facilitator is Rev. Barbara Cornell, a former intern at Westside UU) http://www.swedish.org/classes-and-resources/bereavement-support


  1. Crisis Clinic has a Teen Link Project staffed by trained youth – with adult supervision. 866-TEENLINK (or maybe 886-TEENLINK)


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