Minister Musings Among the Mountains – Week of June 5

“So, now what…?”
Year 1 of this second phase interim ministry is nearly over. Now what?

Many of us are familiar with mission and vision statements from business or educational communities. Some of them can create eye-rolling responses especially in the business world. I even have two mission statement apps on my phone as humorous asides when I talk about mission statements.
All that said, however, I must say I am impressed with the mission and vision statements for Westside UU Congregation as well as commitments to make the mission and vision come to pass.

Here it is

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision: An inclusive, diverse Unitarian Universalist community nurturing spiritual growth and working for justice.

Our mission: To support one another, expand our minds, and build a more just world.

We commit to:
• Know one another and build friendships together
• Provide meaningful and inspiring worship reflecting our diversity of beliefs and backgrounds
• Offer outstanding religious education for all ages
• Nourish the spiritual growth of our children and youth by teaching them our principles, inspiring an open-minded search for spiritual meaning, and encouraging their participation in our community
• Celebrate music as a vital part of worship and our congregational life
• Work against all injustice and oppression
• Serve, educate, advocate and be a witness for economic, environmental and social justice
• Give generously of our time, resources, and talents
• Embrace diversity and create a welcoming and inclusive community
• Enable full participation in the life of the congregation by eliminating physical and social barriers
• Contribute as an active force in the wider community

I’d invite us to consider this entire passage: vision, mission, commitment as a series of spiritual practices of service, sacrifice, and insight. How can we accomplish such weighty tasks in community and as individuals not only on Sunday mornings but the rest of the week?
What suggestions do you have? Let me know at

Thanks, and I hope you have as good a summer as possible.


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