Cynthia Westby, DRE Column October 2018 – Transitions

As we transition into fall, with this glorious weather, watching the leaves drift down into colorful piles on the ground, I am looking forward to a deepening richness in my position as DRE. I am excited to be ordained and it gives me great joy to be a minister!

I am deeply touched by the beautiful stole that was presented to me on Sunday morning, October 21st during service. The lovely presentation by Alex Holt, Nola Balch, RE Council Co-Chair and RE Council members Cara Mathison and Laura Strand on behalf of the congregation was so moving. Shannon Day picked out a gorgeous purple stole with Interfaith symbols including the UU Chalice. I’m delighted with this stole and will wear it with great pleasure. Thank you all very much!

I am looking forward to including pastoral care for families to my duties at Westside now that I am ordained. I also plan to provide a ministerial presence for ceremonies connected to the Religious Exploration program, such as Coming of Age, where Westside had traditionally called upon the church minister to preside. I am deeply grateful for all your support and I look forward to serving Westside as the DRE with the richness of these responsibilities.

I hope you all enjoy the beauty and delight of this changing season!

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