Help us Identify Candidates to Serve on Our 2020-21 Board of Trustees!

As your 2020 Nominating Committee, it is our task to select a slate of qualified Board candidates for the congregation’s consideration at our June 7th Annual Meeting. We would like to ask for your suggestions as we begin this process.

All members of WSUU are eligible to serve on Westside’s Board of Trustees. Board positions include president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and trustee at large. We will also be seeking nominations for next year’s Nominating Committee.

Some of the qualities we are hoping to find in nominees include:

  • Community builders and advocates;
  • Ability to hold what is beloved, and be brave enough to try new things;
  • Openness to viewing options and decisions through the lenses of equity, accessibility and racial justice;
  •  Ability to share the time and energy that it takes to be a board member, as well as the desire to grow.

If there is someone who you believe would be a good candidate, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee and tell us the reasons for your recommendations.

To avoid misunderstandings or disappointment, we ask that you contact Nominating Committee members ONLY at this point, without speaking with the potential candidate.

Thank you for helping us with this important task! We hope to finish gathering names of potential candidates by the middle of March.

Your 2020 Nominating Committee:

Amy Hance-Brancati,, (206) 310-2495

Mia Shaughnessy,,  (206) 307-6584

Don Wahl,,  (206) 334-3627

You can also reach us all via email at

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