Cynthia Jackson

I support adoption of the 8th Principle by our Westside Unitarian Universalist community. Since I believe that our Principles are alive and should reflect life in the moment, an addition of the 8th Principle strengthens the other principles and allows us to bring faith into action. Such action is necessary if we are to be inclusive and responsive to the diverse needs of our present and future community.

It is our goal to build and nourish a Beloved Community. I believe for this to truly occur, it is essential for us to jointly work to dismantle white supremacy and become anti-racist. This commitment requires us as individuals and members of the larger system to build a community of mutual respect and care that seeks justice within and without our congregation. A Beloved Community thrives on justice and inclusion. Our commitment to justice and actions that accountably dismantle racism require action, not just words of intention. I believe our congregation has the vision, the desire, the energy and practices from the past and present to commit to the actions inherent in making the 8th Principle a reality. This will also require patience as we develop the tools to communicate respectfully and intentionally as we strengthen our inclusive beloved community. We should not be daunted by the scope of the work ahead of us, if we believe it is grounded in love and will be of mutual benefit to all, we will become a stronger beloved community.

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